Who we are?

PrJSC Kyiv Central Design Bureau of Valves is a machine building company, specialized in development and manufacturing of the valves and hydro pneumatic aggregates for the nuclear and thermal power stations, oil-and-gas, chemical industry, aerospace complex, etc.

Our mission
We always achieve our goals.
To develop and produce high quality products, test and supply it to our customer, to ensure high quality service of our aggregates for longterm and reliable operation.
Half a century history
More than 50 years in the valve market
For the past half a century, we have mastered our skills and know almost all about the hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Our specialists have created unique products that does not have analogues and are highly appreciated by consumers in terms of "quality" and "safe operation".
Main activities
Space and aviation
Design and manufacturing of small pneumatic & hydraulic aggregates for space and aviation systems.
Valves for Nuclear Power Plants
Design and manufacturing of valves for safe operation of the NPP systems.
General Pupose Valves
Development and production of pipeline valves for oil, gas and chemical industries enterprises, main and local water supply systems, ventilation systems.
Valves for Thermoelectric Power Plants
Design and manufacturing of valves for safe operation of the TPP systems.
Company policy
The policy of PJSC "KCDBV" includes the Quality Policy and supports the strategic direction of the organization, which is reflected in its following provisions, which the company will adhere to when setting goals and achieving them:

1. Consumer orientation, improving the level of safety and quality of products.
2. The fight against all types of losses in the stream of value creation (products).
3. Continuous improvement of the quality management system (QMS).
4. Providing a differentiating advantage of the nomenclature and expanding sales markets.
5. The introduction of modern information technology.
6. Mutually beneficial cooperation with partners with sufficient experience, high qualifications, and the necessary permits.
7. Improving the qualifications and social satisfaction of staff.

The management of PJSC "KCDBV" undertakes to ensure compliance of the quality management system with the requirements for it and constantly improve its effectiveness (improve), as well as to allocate appropriate resources for this and for the implementation of this Policy.

* This Policy is mandatory for all employees and officials of PJSC "KCDBV".
Our certificates
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